All courses taught by dr Dorota Guttfeld.

In this seminar you will write a BA thesis in translation studies.

Common sub-fields include: literary translation, film translation, game localization, singable translation.

Common research areas include: cultural items in translation, language varieties in translation, ideology and translation norms, stylistic shifts in translation, text function and audience profile.

In the winter semester the seminar covers a range of translation theories. Credit requirements in the winter semester:

  • short (almost) weekly tests on translation studies theory,
  • in-class presentation of homework,
  • presentation, outline and bibliography of your proposed BA thesis.

During this course, you'll learn and practice the transferable skills used in literary translation:

  • conducting pre-translation analysis of literary texts, using online sources to research linguistic and extralinguistic issues in literary texts,
  • analysing and imitating stylistic features, noting the pressure from target norms, dealing with non-standard language and literary depictions of spoken language,
  • prioritizing issues, maintaining internal consistency and compensating for loss in literary texts, dealing with 'untranslatability'
  • editing and proofreading literary translations, explaining and defending your translation choices.

You will be graded on:

  • in-class activity and homework, documented in your portfolio (30%)
  • a three-stage translation project (20% + 50%)